I don’t like to say things are my “favourite” but this one comes pretty close. I love cocktails that are served in sharing portions (especially of the gin variety). Beefeater Pink has created this yummy cocktail recipe that will make your summer BBQs that much prettier (and delicious-er). Pink punch recipe serves 8 image courtesy of Beefeater Gin 12oz Beefeater Pink6oz berry puree12oz lemonade6oz soda waterCombine all ingredients over ice in a punchbowlGarnish with berries and mint

This is a special one for those ambitious at-home bar chefs and is certain to impress your guests during your summer gatherings, not only with its delicious taste but the beautiful presentation. Grab a bottle of Beefeater Pink Gin to take this cocktail to the next level! Pink Peppercorn Rosé with Beefeater Pink Gin 1.5 oz Beefeater Pink Gin0.5 oz Peppercorn Syrup2 oz Moscato Rosé2 oz white grape juiceCombine all the ingredientsTop off with a splash of tonic waterGarnish with pink peppercorns, candied cranberries, and edible flowers

The classic Canadian cocktail has taken on a whole new look courtesy the Thompson Diner! Here are three suped-up caesar cocktails that will change your impression of this traditional cocktail forever. This is not your typical Clamato juice and Tabasco sauce, these are entire meals in a glass. Here are the recipes for you to try to make these delicious cocktails on your own or add your own twist! left: Mac & Cheese Caesar centre: Chicken & Waffles Caesar right: Thompson Burger Caesar Mac & Cheese Caesar 1.5oz Gin4oz Clamato Juice0.5oz Lemon Juice2 dashes Salt & Pepper3 dashes Tabasco sauce1tsp HorseradishLemon Pepper RimmerGarnish with Mac & Cheese Chicken & Waffles Caesar 1oz Gin3oz Clamato Juice2 dashes Sale & Pepper3 dashes Tabasco Sauce2 dashes WorcestershireTraditional RimmerGarnish with Chicken & Waffles Thompson Burger Caesar 1.5oz Tequilla4oz Clamato Juice2 dashes Salt & Pepper3 dashes Tabasco Sauce2 dashes Worcestershire SauceSteak Spice Rimmer3 Slices JalapenosGarnish…

Beyond its honourable mentions in hip hop songs, over the past five years this humble table wine has become a top seller for wine retailers around the country. Although new to many, Moscato is suspected to be one of the oldest wine varietals in the world, possibly because the sweet wine grape can be grown almost anywhere. If you are an avid or casual wine drinker chances are you have encountered Moscato in one of its many forms especially considering the Muscat family of grapes includes over 200 varieties. However we are more commonly familiar with two: Muscat of Alexandria/ Orange Muscat used to make delicious Sherry and Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains the more popular of the bunch used to make Muscato d’Asti. Muscato is rated a favourite among new or occasional wine drinkers. With roughly 5-7% alcohol and it 30-65g of residual sugar per litre it tastes to…