Spiced Rum & Malt Cocktail

Almost every Caribbean island has a variation of this creamy, sweet and spicy cocktail. I remember making these for my uncle (minus the rum) when I was younger with ice cream and oats on Sunday nights after dinner. For this recipe, we used Baron Samedi, a Haitian spiced rum, however, you can make this with any dark or spiced rum you enjoy.
3 oz malt

1 table spoons condense milk

2 oz dark rum

dash of nutmeg

shake or stir ingredients and pour into a glass top with whipped cream
Sweet Heat: A Moscato Cocktail

Moscatos are great in cocktails. We all know the summertime classic, Sangria but I decided to concoct something for the more adventurous Sipper. Despite the name, this is a refreshing crisp aromatic cocktail with bright notes of citrus and fresh greens with a surprising kick of spice at the finish. Visit the blog for more details about Jacob's Creek Moscato

Cocktail designed by Angelina J. Williams

1-2 drops anise extract

1-2 fresh sage leaves

½ inch slice of jalapeno

½ tablespoon of lime juice



5 oz Jacob’s Creek Moscato


1.Cut watermelon into one-inch cubes 1-2 cubes per serving. Soak watermelon in Jacob’s Creek Moscato for about 5-10 minutes. Freeze cubes.

2. Place your bottle of Jacob’s Creek Moscato in the refrigerator to chill (minimum of 20 minutes)

2. Place 1 drop of anise extract, 1-2 fresh sage leaves, a ½ inch slice of jalapeno (remove pith and seeds) ½ tablespoon of lime juice in a cocktail shaker and muddle ingredients together.

(Note: a little goes a long way with the bolder flavours (anise and jalapeno) especially since our base is not a spirit but something more delicate like white wine so use these measurements as a general guideline and adjust according to taste)

3. Pour 5oz of chilled Jacob’s Creek Moscato into shaker and stir

4. Place thinly sliced cucumber into cocktail glass or flute

5. Strain mixture and pour into glass

6. Top with watermelon cubes and serve
*optional: sprinkle a little salt on the watermelon ice cube for a new flavour dimension
Dark & Stormy

I was told this cocktail originated in Bermuda, I don't know if that's true but I do know it certainly sits high on my list of favourites. It's super easy to make with few ingredients and it tends to appeal to most palettes so it is a safe party hit. Plus it works with any dark or spiced rum. We featured this one on Nneka Elliott's show also. Check out the video section to watch that episode
3oz ginger beer

1oz dark rum

1/2 oz lime juice

add ice and garnish with a slice of lime

that's it! that simple... now enjoy!