Let an entrepreneur tell it, they will often say they started their first business in their basement, garage, bedroom or at their kitchen table. It takes a special person to start a business, to take a look at what’s out there, see what’s missing and create something new. At its core Samuel Adams, an American craft beer company keeps that entrepreneurial spirit alive.

“At our Boston Brewery, we’re still trying new things every day; some good, and, well, some not-so-good. We learn from the process, and never give up on the journey towards the next tasty beer. It’s our commitment to you that keeps us innovative, inspired, and striving to become better every single day.”

Samuel Adams, an award-winning beer selected four Canadian start-ups to be a part of a four-day-long pop-up shop in Toronto called The Disruptors, Presented by Samuel Adams

featured companies

Loch Eyewear: Birthed from the vision of brother duo Dan and Tim Waggoner to create eco-friendly, one of a kind fashion and prescription eyewear. Sourced from 500 year old timber buried at the bottom of Canada’s Great Lakes, Loch Eyewear is clearly doing something different. 

Xpand Laces: Newton’s first law, when something is in motion it stays in motion and if you are a runner you know how frustrating it is to break your stride to stop and tie your laces. Xband has created laces that eliminates that inconvenience. You can grab a set in many colours at this weekends pop up.

Soft Focus: The other part of Newton’s first law, something/one at rest stays at rest and with they stylish loungewear of Soft Focus you can rest and look and feel luxurious while doing so. Founded by Toronto based designer Sammi Smith who set out to answer the ever perplexing question every entrepreneur has asked at least once, “What to wear to your home office?!”

8.1.2.: A global brand with a global vision and global impact for the world traveler. 8. 1. 2 has created a ‘travel companion’ not just your ordinary briefcase or duffle bag. Employing and empowering people from Toronto to India to Peru. Social consumerism has been a rising trend and 8.1.2 will not be left behind.

In addition to browsing and shopping these amazing brands, Samuel Adams is offering samples of their selection of beers including some exclusive varietals only available in the shop this weekend.

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