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One thing 2017 Toronto Festival of Beer made very clear to me: I need to up my game as a festival-er. Should you add TFOB to your list this summer (they have both a Spring and Summer edition), I have compiled a set of tips to make the best of your experience at Toronto Festival of Beers. Tip 1: Dress for the Occasion. Don’t be like me. Do not fall victim to fashion over common sense. Those who know me well know that I am rarely without my height enhancers (shout out to all the short people in the room). But for goodness sakes, this is a festival… in the park… on grass! So as cute as my blush pink strappy four-inch stiletto heels were as the perfect compliment to my distressed jeans and duster length cardigan, Garrison Park was NOT the place for this particular fashion statement. You will…