national caesar day


The classic Canadian cocktail has taken on a whole new look courtesy the Thompson Diner! Here are three suped-up caesar cocktails that will change your impression of this traditional cocktail forever. This is not your typical Clamato juice and Tabasco sauce, these are entire meals in a glass. Here are the recipes for you to try to make these delicious cocktails on your own or add your own twist! left: Mac & Cheese Caesar centre: Chicken & Waffles Caesar right: Thompson Burger Caesar Mac & Cheese Caesar 1.5oz Gin4oz Clamato Juice0.5oz Lemon Juice2 dashes Salt & Pepper3 dashes Tabasco sauce1tsp HorseradishLemon Pepper RimmerGarnish with Mac & Cheese Chicken & Waffles Caesar 1oz Gin3oz Clamato Juice2 dashes Sale & Pepper3 dashes Tabasco Sauce2 dashes WorcestershireTraditional RimmerGarnish with Chicken & Waffles Thompson Burger Caesar 1.5oz Tequilla4oz Clamato Juice2 dashes Salt & Pepper3 dashes Tabasco Sauce2 dashes Worcestershire SauceSteak Spice Rimmer3 Slices JalapenosGarnish…