Autumn fast approaching and with the cooler weather comes delectable knit layers, rich coloured leaves, pumpkin spice overload and Thanksgiving! In Canada we fortunately get to celebrate this indulgent holiday early in the season which means more time to eat pie (not that you ever need a special season to enjoy pie). I will be absent for the round the block line ups at cafes across North America filled with pumpkin spice latte fanatics as I am simply not a fan. To be honest, I’ve alway thought is a bit basic. However, if there is one thing that can get me to try the thing some wait all year for, is pairing it with a delicious whisky; because, let’s just be honest, everything is better with whisky. Whisky expert, Jamie Johnson’s hand picked pairings of sweet and savoury pies with The Balvenie Distillery Baffshire Single Malt Scotch Whisky is really…