single malt


I am a lady that loves her whisky; more specifically I am a Canadian that loves whisky. But until I connected with Dr. Don Livermore, Master Blender, I didn’t realize how little I knew about one of our nation’s historic pillars. Canada has been producing whisky (without the ‘e’) before it was its own country. Whisky is just as much a part of the Canadian identity as the maple leaf, the beaver, even hockey (with an ‘e’ of course). Gooderham, Corby, Seagram, Walker, and Wiser are names any whisky drinker would recognize, but did you know for the first fifty years of Canada’s independence, the only tax revenue was generated from the distillers. I guess one may call them founding fathers of sorts. Believe it or not, Canadians started off trying our hand at rum (and have been moderately successful in the Atlantic provinces). As the settlers moved further…