My parents went to Cuba a few years ago and loved everything about the island – the people, the hospitality, the weather, the natural scenery – they went on and on. My dad even went old school and set up a slideshow after Sunday dinner. Of course, all I really wanted to know was, how was the food? My parents, almost as much as I, are food fanatics and, sadly, were not at all pleased with the dining options made available.


I think this was one of the more shocking things about Cuba. This tropical island is just a stone’s  throw away from their native land of Jamaica, and if you’ve even been to Jamaica you know one thing is for certain; the food is incredible. But in Cuba, the food was so horrendous, in fact, that fellow resort guests rejoiced when one decided to share their tomato-y contraband (a.k.a. ketchup).


When travelling, food is one of the best ways to be immersed in a culture. But unless you know a guy who knows a guy, how would you ever find your way around Cuba and stumble upon these speakeasy-esque establishments? Welcome VizEat. What is it? Simply put, it is the next step in the dining revolution. Similarly to Airbnb, VizEat is a community powered dining app that allows its users to participate in dining experiences curated by over 20,000 hosts in over 110 cities across the globe.


VizEat has created a truly unique platform that allows lovers of food, culture, and travel to connect in an authentic and engaging way. A Host designs an experience, which could be anything from a rooftop dinner or a cooking class, to something more elaborate like a food tour. Once approved, the experience is made available for a User to purchase.

Rated one of the top three apps in 2016, Tim Cook, Apple CEO praised VizEat for its innovation. VizEat has finally arrived in Canada, thanks to Cristina Carpio, host of Going Global and VizEat Canadian Brand Ambassador. One of the Toronto experiences feature an “Italian Chef Dinner Under the Stars” with Canada’s very own Top Chef, Massimo Bruno.


Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul, Chicago, New York, allows you to dine at the most opulent, critically acclaimed, trendiest restaurants around the world. But a true food enthusiast, a prospector of culture through the culinary arts will tell you, nothing is more endearing than a home cooked meal.


I have heard chefs often talk about feeling stagnant creatively; preparing the same dishes for months, sometimes years, on end while expressing their desire to branch out and flex their artistic muscle. Conversely, there are home cooks with dreams of one day creating food experiences for more than just friends and family.


With the development of this new app, the cuisiniers and epicureans alike come together to explore food, culture, travel, art and community. A truly unparalleled dining experience.

Want to experience VIZEAT for yourself?

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Written by: Angelina Williams

Hotelier, Food & Beverage Enthusiast, Media Personality.

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